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Winners of Indialogue Short Film Contest 2013

Winners of Indialogue Short Film Contest 2013

IMG 2691HYDERABAD: Indialogue Foundation and Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad are glad to announce winners of Indialogue Short Film Contest 2013. Organizers invited film makers to submit their short films on this year’s theme “Peaceful Coexistence”. The aim of this Contest was to foster universally shared values among public through inspiring short films which can receive wide publicity in social media. 

Contest has two awardees for two categories YouTube Award and Jury Award. Mr. Emrah Alpaslan from Saritha Vidya Niketan with his short film titled “Dedicated Life” leads in YouTube with 2100+ views. This film depicts the life of dedicated teacher who has passed away living behind an exemplary life by changing lives of many of his students. One of his student returns back to his old school and continues same spirited teaching by upbringing new generation. He teaches to his students about national integrity, respect, peace and self-development. Ms. Jhilam Chattaraj, PhD Scholar from University of Hyderabad with her movie “In Search of History” was selected by jury for Jury Award. This film is a documentary about how in our time we have neglected historical monuments which in fact depicts our neglect to our own History.  Film shows that in a same city there is history and modernity. Film contains an interview with old book shop seller in Old City of Hyderabad.

Both the awards carry prize money of 35,000 rupees respectively. Prizes were distributed at a special ceremony at Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad.

1. “Dedicated Life” by Mr. Emrah Alpaslan – 

2. “In Search of History” by Ms. Jhilam Chattaraj –