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Turkish Cultural Day at Chowmahalla Palace

Turkish Cultural Day at Chowmahalla Palace

By Nurdin Kaparov,

HYDERABAD: The Saturday, 22nd January was a memorable evening for many who attended the Turkish Cultural Day at historical Chowmahalla Palace. The palace was meaningful landmark to host this Turkish program as two princesses from Turkey Princess Durru Shehvar and Princess Niloufer lived just here. Event was organized by Chowmahalla Palace and Indialogue Foundation an Indo-Turkish NGO that works for intercultural and international Dialogue and Peace. The event was witness to guests from different walks of life; academicians, religious leaders, bureaucrats, politicians, businessmen, students, social activist, journalists, government employees and a good number of foreigners. 

The participation of Prince Muffakham Jah and Princess Esin gave a color to the occasion and brought joy to both guests and organizers. The last Nizam of Hyderabad the Mir Osman Ali Khan had two sons, and eldest son, Azam Jah, was married to Durru Shehvar, daughter of Abdul Mejid II (the last Ottoman Caliph), and the second son Moazzam Jah married Princess Niloufer, a princess of the Ottoman Empire. Azam Jah and Durru Shehvar also had two sons Prince Muffakham Jah and Prince Mukarram Jah. And tradition continued with marriage of both princes with two Turkish ladies; Prince Mukarram Jah with Prince Esra and Prince Muffakham Jah with Princess Esin.

First part of event which is a Cultural Fair started at 17:00 included Turkish Cuisine, Cookies, Pastries, Appetizers, Turkish coffee and tea, Art, Dowries, Handicraft, Ebru Art, Heritage, Classical Music, Turkey’s Tourism Destinations, Information about Sponsors, etc. People went around the fair till the second part of program which is Music Concert that started at 19:45.

The Turkish delights and appetizers were prepared by Turkish ladies and students in Hyderabad was the hit and appreciated so much that no item left till the end of the event. Even Mr. Cetin Akkaya who was the speaker at concert didn’t hesitate telling that it was his partaking as looking after children while his wife was cooking for fair. An authentic Turkish coffee prepared and served in hand made porcelain just besides the fountain was a true royal flavor.

Handicrafts were not only for display but also were ready to be sold and packed. The Ebru a water marbling by Mr. Osman also brought curiosity; his sincere affords bringing art at water was eye catch by TV channels and he was also kind to gift his paintings. A tourism destination corner that exhibited ten important places of Turkey in picture was learning experience. There were also stalls where ladies displayed dowries (bride gifts) and crockery, which also served as dialogue corner for Turkish and Indian ladies.

The Music Concert started with Saz performance by Mr. Oguz and Mr. Burhan. And continued with folk dance by school children in Turkish traditional attire and beautiful background of palace chandeliers complimented each other. The Zuhurat Group performed Sufi Music with instrument Ney, Ud and Bendir and they also song Turkish Ghazal. The Sema performance by Whirling Dervishes was out of ordinary as it could radiate spiritual realm and was full of excitement as many could witness it first time. The performers could whirl between two palace pillars for dozen minutes without going astray from their initial positions.

Between the performances special guests were honored with Turkish handicraft to Indian dignities and Indian handmade prayer rugs were gifted to Turkish dignities.  Princess Esin during her welcome at stage expressed that she is filling different in the occasion, and was reminded about her native Turkey which she stays away for 48 years. Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, Member of Parliament (representing Hyderabad), Guest of Honor of the event and Mr. Kishan Rao, Director of Chowmahalla Palace appreciated the memorable gifts. The main sponsor of the event Mr. Selim Ozturk, General Manager (West & South India) of Turkish Airlines and associate sponsors Mr. Mir Nasir Ali Khan, Managing Director of MAK Projects and Mr. Talip, General Manager of Hidromas all were happy extending their support for this grandiose event and they also expressed their keen in collaboration for future events. The Turkish Cultural Day program was well covered by local media both print and TV and as well by counterparts in Turkey.