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Past Events

The workshop on “Media in XXI Century: Prospects and Challenges”

The workshop on “Media in XXI Century: Prospects and Challenges”

The workshop on “Media in XXI Century: Prospects and Challenges”

A workshop on “Media in XXI Century: Prospects and Challenges” organized by Indialogue Foundation on Saturday, April 4, 2015 designed to raise the highly relevant issues and challenges in journalism and media sector with special focus on social media and ethics of journalism held at Indialogue Centre, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi.

The program has been started with some video shots showing the achievements and dialogue activities of Indialogue Foundation followed by the welcome address given by Nurdin Kaparov, Director of Indialogue Foundation.

The workshop brought together professionals, scholars and students in multiple disciplines from around the reputed institutions, media houses, universities etc. The workshop was chaired by Prof. Dr. Ubaid Siddiqui.

The opening plenary speaker of the session was Dr. Qamar Agha, who opened the session by addressing how the new media specially the social impacted the traditional media. Pointing toward the problems existing in media he argued that objectivity in media has been considerably diminished but optimistically he has mentioned the social media as if it gets orientations, an alternative to check the traditional media to some extent, which is playing now into the hands of corporate and elites. Furthermore he has referred the Gulen movement, as an example, and appreciated its journalistic role in strengthening democracy.

Then after, Mr. Zain Awan has taken up the issue of social media for social cause and stood out to highlight the black and gray shades of social media by citing some suitable and significant examples. Emphasizing the social media’s careful use he has also articulated the social media’s dominos effect with some notable examples.

The last speaker of the panel, Syed Faisal Ali (Group editor of Rashtriya Sahara) focused on the ethics of journalism. In his talk, realizing the glorious past of journalism he lamented on the credibility of media in general, regardless of being it the print media or the electronic media, which is now severely questioned. He has also picked up some examples from the global and local scenario to demonstrate the continuous lowering credibility of media.

Following the last speech Dr. Ubaid Siddiqui who has presided over the session came to summarize the speeches. The question and answer periods after the talks touched on many issues, but revolved around the journalism. At the end of the session speakers and penal experts were presented mementos and the participants were given the certificate of participation as well.