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The taste of Turkish Tradition revisited New Delhi

The taste of Turkish Tradition revisited New Delhi


By Osman Unalan,

NEW DELHI: Indialogue Foundation  which organized the Turkish Fest 2012 in New Delhi at Select City Walk Mall Saket at 24th and 25th of Mach 2012, is now organized the Turkish Fest 2013 in the same place with a grand opening on 22nd March 2013 Friday.

Turkish Ambassador Dr. Burak Akcapar, Arya Samaj leader Swami Agnivesh, Chinmaya Mission New Delhi Acharya Swami Nikhilenanda Saraswati, Turkmenistan Ambassador Paraklat H. Durdiyev, Indo Turkish Business Association Chairman Teyfik Aydinlioglu, Indialogue Foundation President Ali Akkiz, and Indialogue Foundation North India Director Yavuz Kotan inaugurated the Turkish Fest 2013.

Distinguished guests of honour in the inauguration, have released white pigeons for world peace and cut the white red colored ribbons to inaugurate the festival.

Turkish Ambassador Akcapar addressed the gathering there in the festival. He said “India and Turkey have had common roots. They are brothers. Its time to rekindle our age-old ties. An Indian would not be culture-shocked in Turkey. If you come to Turkey, you will feel that you knew this culture from somewhere”, adding that trade and tourism ties between the two countries were reaching new highs and must be developed.

Indian Chinmaya Mission leader Swami Nikhilenanda, who was also present at the launch, recalled his experiences of a recent visit to Istanbul.”Turkey is a beautiful country. I have visited Istanbul and Konya the city of great Rumi where I have witnessed the hospitality and kindness of Turkish people”  he said.

The Mehteran team which is a historical Ottoman Military band has come all the way from Istanbul was the most attractive item of the festival. The drums, clarions, bells and the military anthems have echoed on the skies of Delhi. Mehteran team has come for the first time in India.

The traditional Sema ritual performed by Whirling Dervishes of Rumi was another most attractive at the Festival. The Rumi Dervishes performed Sufi music and the Sema ritual at the stage.

The visitors of the Select CityWalk Mall enjoyed the Turkish Food which included Baklava the Turkish desert, doner kebab, manti, many variations of Turkish bakery and shopped at the Turkish Bazaar.

Indian Students from Learnium School South Delhi surprised the visitors as they have very successfully performed the Turkish Folk Dances. Learnium students are to participate to the 10th Turkish Olympiads organized in Turkey.

Miniatures of Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Trojan Horse are especially constructed for the Festival. Turkish Evil eye, Turkish tea and coffee, Turkey Photo Exhibition which displays photos from all over Turkey and many more brought to the Indian visitors in the Turkish Fest 2012.