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Sharing meal with Neighbors

Sharing meal with Neighbors

By Nurdin Kaparov,

HYDERABAD: We live in a Globalized World where an event in one part of the world has a direct or indirect impact on other nations. Communication enabled to stay in touch with people living far away from us and also facilitated being informed about latest news and developments of global affairs. But even after such progress in communication technologies, it’s a pity that we have weak relationship with people living in neighboring doors.

Good neighbors are vital parts of our social livelihood and play important role in family building. Current work oriented life has diminished the relationship and neighborliness than it used to be. Today unfortunately neighbors besides having poor acquaintance, we don’t even know each other’s names. And probably even we are not aware if some of our neighbors are starving when we threw away the remaining food from our meal.

For the past two years our organization Indialogue Foundation collaborated with COVA in organizing Interfaith Dialogue Forum to bring similarities among world Religions to contribute for Peace building. The past two events namely “Fasting in Religions” and “Rights of Neighbors in Religions” were pleasant gatherings with enlightening speeches by religious leaders and theologians. These two occasions also had revealed that there are many similar aspects in Religions that should be discovered to enable to act as bonds for relationship among communities.

And especially last year’s event on “Rights of Neighbors in Religions” has inspired us to organize more programs in the direction of fostering the neighborliness. And today we are glad in initiating a campaign “Sharing meal with Neighbors”. The name may suggest exchanging food with neighbors, but our idea is bringing all members of family in one convenient location and sharing meal over there with each other. Here each family can bring their food and all neighbors can enjoy the feast in the atmosphere of care and sympathy. Neighbors may start getting acquainted each other, children can play and develop friendship, elder and young get to know each other.

Indialogue Foundation has taken opportunity to invite its neighbors for “Sharing meal with Neighbors” event during Ramazan that was held at Indialogue Centre, Aziz Villa, Mustafa Masjit Lane at 18:40 on Sunday, 21st August 2011. Neighbors came forward for this call and joined to this occasion with entire family members. Indialogue advised its circles and associates to organize similar events at their localities in same style. During month of Ramadan the Iftar Dinners are special occasions where people of diverse backgrounds are invited to come together and share meal under high human values.

Indialogue is an action-oriented dialogue and peace foundation, was founded in 2005, the imagination and fortune of a group of Turkish and Indian people inspired by sensible and spiritual thoughts of the eminent scholars of the world, to promote and to encourage international, intercultural and interfaith dialogue and peace; proactive studies. Indialogue contributes to information exchange and networking on current issues of dialogue and peace policy through its analyses and reports as well as meetings and conferences. For past five years Indialogue organized many meaningful Dialogue events in Hyderabad city and wishes to continue with same spirit to contribute for World Peace.