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Past Events

Lecture on Practical Approach to Dialogue Activities

Lecture on Practical Approach to Dialogue Activities

Indialogue Foundation and Interfaith Foundation India collaborated to organize an Indialogue Forum on “Practical Approach to Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue Activities: Hizmet Movement as an example”. Presentation was delivered by Dr. Isa Afacan a guest lecturer from Zirve University, Turkey. Event was chaired by Prof. M. M. Verma who is President, Interfaith Foundation India. Around 65 guest joined this evening program in Indialogue Cenre, GK II on Saturday, 23rd November 2014.  

About Indialogue Forums: Indialogue Forums are a platform for distinguished speakers to spotlight trends, analyze important issues, exchange ideas, and participate in productive interactions that promote innovative global and public policy solutions. Indialogue Forums bring individual speakers to the Indialogue Foundation to speak on a variety of topics related to public and global policy. The speakers at these series include prominent government, corporate and media officials, opinion-makers, academics, diplomats, clergy and other civic leaders who share their viewpoints, perceptions and experiences on timely and important issues facing our local communities and our world.

About Speaker: Dr. Isa Afacan is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at Zirve University. He received his PhD from the School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University. His areas of research include Turkish Foreign Policy, American Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy Analysis and Middle East. He worked in Florida University, Mercer University in US between 2003 to 2009. At the same time, he was Director of Academic Affairs at Istanbul Centre, Atlanta, works on intercultural and interfaith dialogue activities.

About Chair: Dr. Madan Mohan Verma has devoted his life in the pursuit of knowledge. His research and insight over the last four decades is vast and varied and includes subjects like Indian and World History, international relations, philosophy, socio-political issues in India, religion and interfaith. He is regarded as a leading scholar of Interfaith and has spent the last two decades in studying Spiritual Scriptures of various faiths, and preaching the common message of human love and harmony. Dr. Verma taught political philosophy at the University of Delhi between 1962 and 1995. He is currently President, Interfaith Foundation, India, and a renowned crusader of interfaith harmony world over. He has organized and addressed several national and international conferences.