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Panel discussion and Iftar Dinner at JNU

Panel discussion and Iftar Dinner at JNU

Panel discussion and Iftar Dinner at JNU

NEW DELHI, 03/07/2015: Indialogue Foundation in collaboration with Centre of Arabic and African Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University organized a panel discussion on “Role of Intercultural Dialogue in Peace Building” and Iftar Dinner at Faculty Centre, JNU. Various centre heads, lectures, research scholars and dignitaries from different walks participated at discussion and shared the meal.

Welcome speech was delivered by Prof. Mujeeb Rahman, chairperson, Centre of Arabic and African Studies. Event followed by delivery of introductory speech by President, Indialogue Foundation. He spoke about how Ramadan and fasting can be utilized for Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue and Peace Building.

After fast breaking Prof. Shyamal Goswami the Dean of Students, Prof. Sachithanandha Sinha the President of JNU Teachers’ Association, Prof. Aslam Islahi the Former Dean of School of Language, Prof. R.P. Singh the Former Chairperson of Centre for Philosophy, Prof. B. Pradhn from Centre for West Asian Studies, Prof. Sanjay Pandey the Chairperson of  Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies, Prof. Manu Mittal, Prof. Krishna Kumar and Prof. T.K. Lobiyal discussed the subject, shared experiences and opinions.

Prof. Aslam Islahi said that fasting in the month of Ramadan is the only chance for rich people to taste the hunger, thus to get to know the feeling of poor. “Hence, fasting is the better way to strengthen humanity, love, empathy, care and brotherhood.”

Prof. Khwaja Muhammad Ikramudhin, Prof. Basheer Ahmad, Prof. Anwar Pasha, Dr. Akthar Hussain, Dr. Ishthiyaq Ahamd, Dr. Ubaidurrahman, Dr. Khurhseed Imam, and Dr. Rizwanu Rahman were among those present.

At the conclusion Mr. Nurdin Kaparov, Director Delhi Office, Indialogue Foundation proposed the vote of thanks to the organizers, panelists and all participants for attending to the Panel Discussion and coming together at Iftar Dinner.