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Past Events

Luncheon on “UN Climate Change Conference: Expectations and Outcomes”

Luncheon on “UN Climate Change Conference: Expectations and Outcomes”

HYDERABAD: Learned scholars, academicians and environmentalists in the field of environmental studies briefed and discussed about the UN Climate Change Conference that was held in Copenhagen. The participants too asked questions and educated themselves. During discussion it was agreed that the UN Conference might not brought the sound global consensus on combating the Climate Change, but it was felt that it’s all attendees concern spreading information on environmental issues and implementation sustainable measures in their level best as individual and as an organization, and at the end of the meeting the Joint Declaration was brought as an action plan.

Joint Declaration

We agree that global warming has become a reality, despite early warnings from concerned people and institutions. Global warming has now become an additional factor in blocking the emergence of an egalitarian global society, sustainable development and poverty alleviation. Given this, we the people who assembled here call upon the following:

• Contribution of talks at global level for initiating actions in mitigating & adaptation to global warming/climate change

• Redefining of development and development plans to ensure sustainable development and poverty alleviation

• Exploration of all options and technologies that will reduce environmental impacts

• Build awareness in all sections of people about issue related to climate change and global warming

• Strategies have to be designed from national, state and local levels and implemented across different developmental sectors especially vulnerable sectors like agriculture, realty, energy urban sector etc.

• These national strategies have to be converged both top down and bottom approach.

• Strategies addressing public transportation, building codes, sewage and solid waste management etc.