Past Events

Interfaith Iftar for Peace, Harmony and Solidarity.

Interfaith Iftar for Peace, Harmony and Solidarity.

Interfaith Iftar for Peace, Harmony and Solidarity.

MUMBAI, 16-07-2015: The event took place at MCA club, Bandra Kurla Complex on 16th of July, 2015. The event was a joint initiative of three organizations Indialogue Foundation, Observer Research Foundation and Minhaj-Ul-Quran International.

The event started at 6.30pm with the entries of guests at the venue. It began with a short film on Ramadan.

Dr. Sudeendhra Kulkarni gave an introduction about the Joint Declaration for Interfaith peace and harmony.

Reflections and speeches by scholars of different religious and spiritual organizations were given.

The speakers were:

  • Quaiser Khalid, IPS, ACP, Traffic
  • Reverend Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay.
  • Swami Sarvalokananda ji, Ramakrishna Math, Mumbai
  • Homi Dhalla, President, World Zarathushti Cultural Foundation.
  • Kaminiben Gogri, Jain Scholar
  • Zahir Kazi, President, Anjuman Islam.
  • Shri Nikunj Ji, Rajyogi Brahmakumari
  • Yakup Polatas, Director, Mumbai indialogu foundation

Important sayings from the speaker:


  • Quaiser Khalid, IPS, ACP, Traffic:

He spoke on how and why the Muslim people don’t come up in the society. What are the reasons and how can we try to come over this.


  • Homi Dhalla, President, World Zarathushti Cultural Foundation:

He spoke on how much this Interfaith Dialogue has become important to bring peace and harmony in the society. “Poverty leads to illiteracy, illiteracy leads to unemployment, unemployment leads to hunger and hunger leads to CRIME”, he said. He focused on how to eradicate this problem from the society to create a peaceful World and a better society. He also said that we should have some sort of Dialogue with the ISIS people to create a bridge which can lead to peace in those countries.


  • Kaminiben Gogri, Jain Scholar

She didn’t take much time at the podium. Her most important words were, “I’m a Hindu, I’m a Muslim, I’m a Christian, and I’m everyone” It clearly states the importance of being one, where religion is secondary and Humanity comes first.


  • Zahir Kazi, President, Anjuman Islam.

He addressed his speech with a salaam and gave its meaning in English. A religion which says peace be upon you. The first message which goes on meeting someone even a stranger is about peace. So, how a religion which sent blessings and peace on everyone will tolerate violence and terrorism. He said that how Indialogue Foundation volunteers are embracing and inspiring people to make a better society.

  • Shri Nikunj Ji, Rajyogi Brahmakumari

He started by saying that when he was seating on the stage. He looked at everyone and he didn’t see anyone as a human or bodies seating on seats. He saw spirits, small points of bright light reflecting God. He ended his speech by playing a small song which they listen every day. He also urged and requests that we must also put this activity of playing this song everyday in our lives.


  • Yakup Polatas, Director of Indialogue Foundation, Mumbai Office.

He started his speech by giving introduction about Indialogue Foundation, The motives, Aims and ambitions of the organization. He strongly gave a message that how much the Indialogue Foundation is directed towards bridging peace between people of different religion and culture. He quoted that inter-religious dialogue is not a luxury but has become a necessity.


After the speeches there were comments from some other invitees.

Around 9.35pm there was a call for dinner. Everyone enjoyed the dinner. There were discussions about the event on the table too.

At 10.30pm Guests and invitees started signing the declaration for Interfaith Peace, harmony and Solidarity.

As a memento gifts were given by Mr. Yakup Polatas, Director, Indialogue Foundation, Mumbai Office to the speakers and other invitees.

Finally, people of all the three organizations had photographs together which ended the event.