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Indo-Turkish Friendhip Dinner

Indo-Turkish Friendhip Dinner

Indo-Turkish Friendhip Dinner

MUMBAI, 01/02/2016: Indialogue foundation was honored to serve a delegation comprising more than 50 members from different universities of India, Turkey, China, Ethiopia etc. The delegates came to attend a three day International Seminar on security dynamics in West Asia and Turkey held in Mumbai University in collaboration with Zirve University, Gaziantep, Turkey. The purpose of serving the dinner was to bring all the academicians together at one platform so that they know each other well and develop a better mutual understanding.

Interestingly the two delegates Adv. Irfan Engineer and Most reverend Swami Sarvalokanandaji who were recently on their visit to Turkey in a Cultural Study trip have shared their experiences. Meanwhile they have also highlighted the vision of Indialogue Foundation by contextualizing its role in promoting dialogue and peace with the parallel access of education.

It was an informal interaction with other attendees, however, this unique, interesting, and insightful conversation made the gathering more meaningful.

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