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Indo-Turkish Food and Cultural Festival

Indo-Turkish Food and Cultural Festival

Indo-Turkish Food and Cultural Festival

HYDERABAD, 26/03/2016: Indialogue Foundation in collaboration with IQBALIA International School successfully organised Indo-Turkish Food and Cultural Festival on 26th of March 2016. The Program was held at the premises of IQBALIA International School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad that showcased a unique blend of traditional foods and cultures from India and Turkey.

The event started with the display of ornate craftworks from turkey and scrumptious delicacies from both the countries.  The entrance of the venue was emblazoned with displays of famous craftworks like Iznik tiles; an old form of art to decorate exteriors and interiors of buildings and potteries, potteries with patterns and motifs from the Iznik tiles, Nazar Boncuğu; an amulet of charm, which supposedly protects from the evil eye, and different weaved tapestries etc. which exhibit Turkish handicrafts. The paramount attraction was grabbed by the food section with an extensive range of gourmet dishes from Turkey and India. There were a collection of Turkish desserts including famous Baklava sweet, Revani, Tavukgöğsü, Şekerpare, Ballı Pasta, Elmalı Kurabiye and different kinds of cakes, puddings, cookies and other sweets along with famous Indian desserts like Jalebi. Other popular Turkish dishes like Mercimek Köfte, Poğaça, Samsa, Kısır, Börek, Galeta, and different salads were savored by the visitors. Furthermore Hyderabadi Shawarma became mouthwatering when it was combined with Turkish style which is called Turkish Doner Kebab. And also, a small book stall with a variety of books and a fabric stall displayed various traditional handicrafts, knitting, and embroidery, lace and crochet work etc.

Students of IQBALIA International School performed various songs and dances from both the countries. There were Turkish and Indian music as well. Students enthusiastically performed with the bits of Turkish and Indian music to convey the message of love, compassion, sharing and peace in the world.

The program came to an end with the screening of world famous Whirling Dervishes (Sufi Dances) and visitors were delighted to watch the famous dance form. Exhibition of selected pictures of famous monuments and landscapes from Turkey was another attraction for the guests.

The festival upheld both Indian and Turkish cultures and celebrated harmony and spirit of peace with the visitors from India and Turkey and a few other countries as well.

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