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Indo-Turkish Culture and Food Festival, Hyderabad

Indo-Turkish Culture and Food Festival, Hyderabad

Indo-Turkish Culture and Food Festival, Hyderabad

HYDERABAD, 28-02-2015: Indialogue Foundation organized Indo-Turkish Food Festival at the historic and picturesque Taramati Baradari. President, Indialogue Foundation, India attended the Indo-Turkish Culture and Food Festival by welcoming the visitors. He addressed the festival by saying “This era of advanced technology and communication makes our world smaller and it is supposed to bring humankind much closer to each other. But strangely and unfortunately the more technology and communication advanced the more gaps between humankind increases. In this hectic age humanity needs to know and understand each other, more than ever.” To come closer he said us by reminding Rumi’s words “Come, come, whoever you are! / Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. / It doesn’t matter. /Ours is not a caravan of despair. /Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. /Come, yet again, come, come!” and also Mr. Fethullah Gulen’s words “we should be so tolerant that our hearts become wide like the ocean and we should be inspired with faith and love for others.”

The festival comprised of an exotic Food Festival which showcased traditional Turkish recipes and their modern interpretations wearing the glorious and bold flavors of Turkey. The festival served a showcase of exquisite tastes, elevated cuisines and exceptional ambiance. With renowned Turkish Chef Abdullah, who is the head chef at ALA TURKA DONER KEBAB with 30 years experience, treated the Hyderabadi people with amazing dish the Turkish Doner Kebab. Also many other best selections of Turkish dishes like Baklava Sweet which adds life to the Turkish cuisines were tasted by visitors.

The festival not only showcased an array of gastronomic treats but also infused cultural elements with soulful Sufi Dance performances. A splendid flute performance  with the authentic Sufi flute (made of reed cane) left the crowd spell bounded. The flute was followed by Whirling Dervishes fascinating audience, the stirring music left the audience wanting for more. The students of the Iqbalia Group of Schools satiated audience with their Turkish songs and folk dances. Indian dance was also played by students to bring in the desi tadka to the Indo Turkish cultural festival. Any cultural event of Turkey is never completed without a display of the Turkish Calligraphy.

End of the festival Mr. Osman Kayaoglu, Director, Hyderabad Office, Indialogue Foundation said, “At Indialogue we strive to create forums for promoting peace and harmony cutting across the religion, civilizations and geographies. The Indo Turkish Cultural and Food festival is an effort to display the harmony of both Indian and Turkish culture. The event will showcase the best of Turkish food, dance and music for people to enjoy. The festival is an initiative to spread the message of peace, harmony and brotherhood.” And additionally he said that “as we are Hyderabad Office of Indialogue Foundation want to extend this festival annually to fascinate Hyderabadi friends.”