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Indialogue Appears to be the Major Focus Point at World Book Fair 2016

Indialogue Appears to be the Major Focus Point at World Book Fair 2016

Indialogue Appears to be the Major Focus Point at World Book Fair 2016

New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) held for the past 41 years, organised by the National Book Trust in association with the Indian Trade Promotion Organisation, this year a 9 day event was held, beginning from January 9 up till January 17. This year, the nine-day fair hosted around 30 countries, with “The Cultural Heritage of India” as its theme and China as its guest of honour country.

A large number of exhibitors from across the world had participated in the event. Apart from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iran and UAE) to Europe (Poland, France and Spain), there is ample representation from the subcontinent as well, with stalls from Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Others include China, Indonesia, Mauritius, Egypt, Singapore and the US.

Being a regular exhibitor of New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) for last six years Indialogue foundation had participated this year as well.  Occupying the stall no 3-4 adjoining China’s exhibition (Guest of Honour country) in hall number 7 Indialogue Foundation’s publications became major attraction of visitors. Indialogue Foundation has showcased a large variety of books on topics ranging from religion, spirituality, cooking, and culture besides fiction to current affairs and particularly the Blue Dome Press publications which were mainly advocating the promotion of intercultural and interfaith dialogue but, in fact, had greatly contributed in fostering common understanding and dialogue among different cultures, religions, and communities of the world.

A huge foot falling and proportionally the selling of books were extremely encouraging. On the backdrop of the phenomenal popularity of Rumi the first point of attraction for everyone at the stall was books authored on Rumi and his thoughts and practices. The next most appealing product of Indialogue foundation was the books authored by the prolific Turkish writer Fethullah Gulen. Infinite Light, pearls of wisdom, Love& Tolerance and Islamic faith including his most famous work on Sufism “Emerald hills of the heart” can notably be mentioned. Besides being in English those works were also available in three alternative languages i.e. Hindi, Urdu, and some books in Arabic as well.

In resonance with “The Cultural Heritage of India” as the theme of New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) 2016, Indialogue foundation with its colourful set up and variety of books has aptly represented the multiculturalism and advanced a step further in facilitating dialogue, mutual respect and understanding.


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