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Iftar Dinner at Indialogue Bangalore Office

Iftar Dinner at Indialogue Bangalore Office

Iftar Dinner at Indialogue Bangalore Office

Bengaluru, 25/06/2016: The eve of 25th Ramadan was an eventful one at Indialogue Office when it organized an Iftar program aiming at the communal harmony and coexistence. Unlike the other Iftar program, what makes this event a distinguished one is the participation of plethora of intelligentsia from different walks of life.

Understanding the sole aim of IF, Prof Mrs. Rini Ralte, Chairperson of Women’s Dept. of United Theological College, Bangalore and Prof MM Bagali, Director for Research Projects and International Relations of Reva University, addressed the gathering. Mrs Ralte reiterated the need of dialogue and importance of fraternity and inclusiveness in the modern society. Furthermore she recalled the contribution of Indialogue Foundation in the universal peace-building process and protection of human values.

Mr. Bagali, advocated the sustainable peace through unification of people irrespective of caste, color or creed. Moreover, he appreciated the efforts and endeavors of Indialogue Foundation for its pursuits in the realms of education and cultural exchange. Mr. Ebrahim Nasthar, Secretary Indialogue Foundation, Banglore presented the role of Indialogue in the realization of peace, ease and consolidation of communal harmony. All the efforts of IF is directed towards only one motive that is peace, our motto is dialogue for peace. “We have set new benchmark in the actualization of harmony without any discrimination or distinction over color or creed. We are one family. United we stand, divided we fall” he added.

Research students from institutions such as IIT, ISAC participated in the session very actively and promised to be a key player in peace building process in the country along with Indialogue Foundation.

Mr. Murat Kiran, Regional Director for Turkish Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry welcomed the guests and the function was winded up with the vote of thanks from Mr. Nasthar.

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