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Prof. Marcia K. Hermansen delivers Lecture at Osmania University

Prof. Marcia K. Hermansen delivers Lecture at Osmania University

By Prof. Aisha Mahmood Farooqui,dsc 5048

HYDERABAD: The program started with a welcome address by Prof. C. Beena, Director ISCCR. Later, The Head of the Department of Islamic Studies, Osmania University, Prof. Aisha Mahmood Farooqui introduced the guest, Prof Marcia K. Hermansen to the audience. Prof. Aisha Mahmood Farooqui also informed the gathering that Prof Marcia K. Hermansen has written and contributed numerous books and articles in the fields of Islamic thought, Sufism, Islam and Muslims in South Asia, Muslims in America and Women in Islam.

In the lecture on, M .Fethullah Gulen: Ideas and Impact”. Prof Marcia K. Hermansen dwelt on Gulen’s Ideas in the context of Turkish Islam and Twentieth century Modernity. To be precise, she said, Gulen can be called an activist, then she traced the trajectory of the Hizmet Movement from its beginning in Izmir to globalization and universalization in the new millennium. M. Fethullah Gulen’s main emphasis is on pluralism and he has called his mentoring centers as “Light houses”. His main message has been that Islam is a religion of peace and there is no place for violence in it. He believes in Inter-faith dialogue for removing misgivings that have crept into people’s consciousness. She believes that the central aspect behind the success of the movement has been ‘Networking’ between academics, businessmen, students and society at large.

The Hizmet or (Qidmat/Service) movement which he inspired to originate is now a worldwide social movement and has schools and institutions in 154 countries. Prof. Syed Abdul Hamid, Chairman, BOS, Department of Islamic Studies presented a memento of Osmania University to the guest. The program ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Nurdin Kaparov, Director Hyderabad Officer, Indialogue Foundation.