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Gulen’s books met Indian readers at New Delhi World Book Fair

Gulen’s books met Indian readers at New Delhi World Book Fair

By Osman Unalan,

NEW DELHI: Fethullah Gulen’s books met the readers at recently held New Delhi World Book Fair, rated as one of the most recognized book fairs around the world.

New Delhi World Book Fair fair opened to a huge crowd on February 4. Along with over 100,000 book lovers flocking to the stalls per day, the fair saw the participation of approximately 1,500 exhibitor publishers and distributors from 24 countries. As the authorized institution for translating Gulen’s book to Indian languages, the Turkish-Indian dialogue foundation Indialogue Foundation, this year too, was present with its even more spacious stall at the fairground. Bahri Pinar, a Turkish volunteer on duty at the stall, stated that it was an honor for him to introduce Turkish culture and Fethullah Gulen. He said that they receive a considerable interest in the country and Indians are increasingly keen to know more about Turkey and Gulen.

Indialogue Foundation official, an Indian national Muhsin Ali said that they attend the fair and enjoy the readers’ attention every year. He also noted that Gulen’s pieces have been translated into Indian languages, particularly Hindi and Urdu, upon the readers’ demand at the previous fairs.

An organizer authority from India National Book Foundation under Ministry of Education, Farida Malik said they hosted visitors from all over the world again at New Delhi World Book Fair. “With an estimated number of daily visitors over 100 thousands along with a wide range of publishers, the fair can be regarded as one of the most prestigious among the world’s book fairs.” Malik said. She also added that France was this year’s guest of honor country and its heritage was showcased with various national displays ranging from cinema to literature.

An Indian woman having visited Indian-Turkish Indialogue Foundation’s stall said she found the stall’s book quite appealing and purchased many books, although not a pious person. She had heard about Turkey from her relatives having traveled the country and now is planning to go there as soon as she can. “I have a particular interest in Islamic scholars’, like Fethullah Gulen, views on Sufism and piety. So, I will read these books in advance of my travel.”

The biennially-held book fair lasted from February 4-10 captivating thousands of book enthusiasts once again.