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Guest Scholar lecture on “Education, Peace and Development”

Guest Scholar lecture on “Education, Peace and Development”

Guest Scholar lecture on “Education, Peace and Development”

HYDERABAD, 17/08/2015: Indialogue Foundation organised a Guest Scholar Lecture on ‘Education, Peace and Development’ on 17th August 2015 at Indialogue Office, Hyderabad. The lecture was marked by the presence of participants from different spheres. The lecture was given by Professor Anwar Alam, A renowned Indian writer and an eminent scholar, who is presently a professor in Zirve University, Turkey. The lecture was presided over by Professor Purushotham Reddy, former Head Dept. of Political Science, Osmania University. He stressed the importance of global peace and sustainable development. Mr. Osman Kayaoglu, the Director of Indialogue Foundation, delivered the welcome speech.

During the keynote speech, Prof. Anwar Alam reiterated the dire need of revisiting the modernity. He touched on various subjects like implementation of Gandhian Philosophy, the concept of ‘Self and Other’, the flaws of modern education system, the impact of Value Education and the aftermath of Individualism.

He has mentioned that the pedagogy has been playing a pivotal role in moulding the mindset of the people across the world. He has added that the peace doesn’t only mean the absence of conflicts. Conflict can be entertained when it is through healthy dialogues.

He has also said that “Mahatma Gandhi is a remarkable man and his ideas are unparalleled. Nowadays people think that politics is essentially corrupt. They believe that politics is devoid of ethics and morality. But the reality is that politics can be ethical and humanistic. Mahatma Gandhi has set a perfect example for moral politics. So he should be a benchmark of politics and all the citizens have to bring the Gandhian philosophy into the day to day life. Only then peace and development will be realized in the nation.

Moreover, Prof. Anwar Alam has also shared his concerns about the degeneration of values like love, mercy, compassion and cooperation in the modern community. “People think that the ‘trust’ is an abstract entity only. As a matter of fact this situation is a result of the previous social sciences which are based in the power structure. To be frank, ‘Value Education’ emerged into a vacuum that was created by these social sciences’’ he said.

The lecture was followed by a very effective interactive session and a special dinner party.

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