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Books from Turkey find special place at Arts College

Books from Turkey find special place at Arts College

By Nurdin Kaparov,

HYDERABAD: Department of Islamic Studies of Osmania University inaugurated an Indialogue Bookshelf on 17th March 2011 in its department library. A collection of around 50 books in English language were contributed by Indialogue Foundation an organization set up by Indian and Turkish people that works for interfaith and intercultural dialogue and peace. Inauguration ceremony was graced by Prof. Suleman Siddiqi former Vice-Chancellor of Osmania University who is same time retired professor of Islamic Studies from same Department. Prof. Siddiqi during his speech emphasized on importance of collaboration between Department and Indialogue Foundation. And said: “I am happy that Turkish friends in Hyderabad availed a collection of noble books by famous scholars as Beddiuzzaman Said Nursi and Fethullah Gulen. I myself was gifted with four wonderful books by our friends that I am keen in reviewing it in near future. In our department’s syllabus we have a full paper on Ottoman Empire, and we kindly look forward from Indialogue to contribute books in history as well. I advise students, Ph.D. scholars and staff to take projects and research in these new fields. It would be also very appreciative if Turkish language course could be introduced to enable scholars to better acquaint by analyzing from original sources”.

Prof. Aisha Mahmood Farooqui the head of department welcomed guest and gave details about books and authors. The collection is publication of Tughra Books a publishing house in USA, which is a sister organization of Indialogue Foundation. The books are new publications that cater to contemporary social and religious issues. Collection mainly consist of books, journals and magazines on Islamic teachings, Quranic translations and interpretations, Interfaith Dialogue and Peace, Science and Belief, Prayers , books on Prophet (pbuh), Hizmet movement, Sufism, Turkish History and Culture, etc. Osmania University besides of its Department of Islamic Studies also houses famous institution Dairatul Ma’arif-il-Osmania a research centre that mainly works with manuscripts. Osmania University was found in 1918 by then ruler of Hyderabad Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan and from that time onward played as catalyst in research and scholarly contribution to national development. The University College of Arts and Social Science building where department is located is beautifully built with both Islamic and Hindu architecture and stands as symbol of harmonization of two traditions and heritages.

Mr. Nurdin Kaparov, Director Hyderabad Office Indialogue Foundation shared following with organizers and guest: “We are pleased and honored to avail Tughra Books to Osmania University and grateful for Head of Department Prof. Farooqui for facilitating this endeavor and Prof. Siddiqi to supporting this cause. Ustad Hz. Beddiuzzaman Said Nursi a famous Islamic scholar authored a collection of books named Risale-i Nur, which is a tafsir, the interpretation of Quran.  These books were penned during second quarter of XX century when materialism was in its pick, when major cultural, scientific and social studies were backed with this ideology. It was a difficult time for believers of God to relate their belief with scientific findings. During this time Hz. Beddiuzzaman with his crystal clear explanations strengthened people’s belief to God.  In last couple of years the translation of this noble work from Turkish to English was achieved and still continuing.  And the Fethullah Gulen who is a living personality from Turkey, who still keeps writing books focused on wider areas as social, cultural, educational and economic aspects. Fethullah Gulen is important scholar of our time who encouraged establishment of educational institutions, promoted interfaith and intercultural dialogue and advocates peaceful living. Both these writers argue that as God created all being in our world, studying these phenomenons will enable us to lead ourselves to God, and in this sense stressed upon the importance of education. Besides, there are other books especially which focuses on Islamic teachings with contemporary explanations, and we hope these works would be able enlighten with true essence of Islam as it is one of the most misunderstood and biased religion in contemporary time. We hope that it is only a corner stone of our collaboration.”