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“Awara hoon” in Turkey’s memory

“Awara hoon” in Turkey’s memory

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By Nurdin Kaparov,

HYDERABAD: If you happen to visit Turkey and meet people of 50s you will be positively surprised to hear the mimicking of song “Awara hoon”. Besides the Post-Soviet Countries the movie “Awara” and actor Raj Kapoor were significant cultural exchange in Turkey as well. The success of Indian Cinema in Turkey was short-lived but with strong footprints as Indian cinematography was the one of the prime inspirations in development of the Turkish cinema.

The Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad and Indialogue Foundation jointly organized a Talk by Prof. Ahmet Gurata from Bilkent University, Turkey on 29th August 2012 at University of Hyderabad. The guest lecturer’s presentation titled “The Politics of Re-presentation: Distribution and Exhibition of Indian Cinema in Turkey”. He particularly focused 1952-62 periods as it was the golden age of Indian Cinema in Turkey during which more than 100 Indian Films were screened. The paper evaluated how these films were modified and adapted into the local context by the distributors, exhibitors and censorship. Focusing on the cross-cultural exhibition and reception of Indian films, the paper illustrated the tension between indigenization and foreignness. 

He pointed out that films’ titles were not translated word by word but made more attractive and said that even the characters’ names were renamed. He underlined the films were dubbed into Turkish except the songs which were kept in original format to give real flavor of India. He also mentioned that there were many modification and alteration in films before they went to screening. Some is being adjustment for 90 minutes standard of those years where films had to be cut short and “Awara” being exceptional. Other aspects the Censorship committee also had suggested many modifications to suit political and national sentiments and regulations of those days and some films even had to be rejected.

The speaker particularly gave special references in his paper for two films “Awara” and “Mother India”. It is interesting to note dawn that more than 9 remakes, the Turkish version of “Awara” was shot in Turkey. The “Mother India” too was success story and was translated as “For my children” and the enthusiasm let Turkish cinematography to shot Turkish version named “Mother Earth”.

Prof. Ahmet Gurata expressed his happiness about good number of Indian movies being shot in Turkey nowadays, which he hopes should lead to more relationship. Attended audience comprising of students and academicians were curios in asking question and interacting with speaker.