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Annual Interfaith Iftar Dinner 2019 – We Are One

Annual Interfaith Iftar Dinner 2019 – We Are One

Annual Interfaith Iftar Dinner 2019 – We Are One

Indialogue Foundation, Sarva Dharma Samvaad and Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) organised a Symposium cum Iftar Dinner on the theme “We Are One” on 29th May 2019 at Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida.

The program’s theme “We Are One” was chosen to give a message of unity and solidarity in the wake of the barbaric terrorist attacks on the innocent people of faith in Christchurch and Sri Lanka. The holy month of Ramadan, which signifies empathy, solidarity and compassion, is a great occasion for people of different faith backgrounds to come together for a noble cause as this one.

The iftar dinner was preceded by presentations from different faith perspectives on the theme by scholars, religious leaders and dialogue practitioners. The discussions were divided in two panels each with a different sub-theme – the first being “Centrality of Love and Compassion in Religions” and the second being “Diversity and Plurality is Divinely Intended”.

In the first panel discussion, renowned Hindu saint Goswami Sushil, former NCERT director J S Rajput, senior journalist Qamar Agha, senior member of Gurudwara Gobind Sadan Mary Pat and Sarva Dharma Samvaad chairman Manu Singh presented their thoughts on the theme.

In the second session, Father Bento Rodrigues, Quranic storyteller Basit Jamal, and URI India and Afghanistan director Subhi Dhupar shared their views on

BIMTECH director Dr Harivansh Chaturvedi was also present at the event and he kindly chaired one of the sessions.

The President of Greater Noida Industries, Aditya Ghildyal delivered the welcome speech whereas the Secretary-General of Indialogue Foundation M Behzad Fatmi proposed the vote of thanks.

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