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Book of Proceedings of the Gandhi Jayanti Seminar on “Embracing the Other”

Book of Proceedings of the Gandhi Jayanti Seminar on “Embracing the Other”

Book proceeding of Gandhi Seminar


This is a Book of Proceedings of the Gandhi Jayanti Seminar on “Embracing the Other” organized on the occasion of the International Day of Non-Violence, 2nd October 2014 in Indialogue Center, New Delhi. Book contains 19 thought provoking papers presented during Seminar. The Seminar was organized by Indialogue Foundation and supported by Interfaith Foundation India, Islamic Studies Association and Global Peace Foundation India.

We live in a conflict ridden world. Social evils such as racism, fanaticism, favoritism and terrorism are wide spreading. In this violence soaked world, it is important for us to hold on to the teachings of Gandhiji. His teachings on peace and non-violence are relevant to the present day world. Therefore , the members of a number of civil society organizations in New Delhi initiated this Gandhi Jayanti Seminar to commemorate International Day of Non-Violence. 41 scholars and peace activists contributed with their papers on this year’s theme in a short time and 19 paper were shortlisted for presentation. Organizers aimed to bring together students of peace to share on pressing issues of the world and to discuss the philosophies on “Embracing the Other”.

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Content of the Book (click to download each paper)

Gandhi’s Pluralistic Perspective on the Notion of ‘the Other’ by Prof R. P. Singh

“Embracing the Other” in Gandhi’s teachings by Prof Hema Raghavan

Global Peace Values & Peace Education for Peace Building – Gandhian’s thought by Prof Subhash Chandra

Mahatma Gandhi – transformation from Politician to a Saint by Dr Anjali Dewan

Embracing the Other in Religions by Dr M.D. Thomas

Peaceful Coexistence in Multi-Cultural Societies-The Qu’ranic Perspective by Dr Meraj Ahmad

Embracing the Other in Margin – Gandhian Understating of Poverty, Marginalisation and Development by Dr R. Kumaran

Gandhi and Mahaya Buddhism by Dr Venkata Siva Sai

Knowledge and Faith and their Utilization for Human Peace and Happiness Said Nursi’s Perspective by Abdur Rahman

An Appraisal on ‘Embracing the Other’ in Praxis – The Inherent Unifying Dynamics of Community Meal Services in Religion by Adrian Fernandes

Mahatma Gandhi and Turkish War of Independence by Benazir Banu

Gandhi and religious conversion by Himanshu Sekhar Mishra

Being with the Other – (Im)Possibility of Ethics of Alterity by Mahesh Sharma

Accommodation of Linguistic Diversity in India by Mahima_Taneja

Plural India -The Gandhian Path of Secular Democracy and Peace Building by Mohammed Rafeek

What is genius of the Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayuly by Rashida Shokanova

The potential of social media in preventing identity based conflicts by Roopa Hari

Role of Integrated Education for Promoting Cultural Co-existence in a Pluralistic Society by Saidalavi Kundupuzhakkal

Non-Violence – A Prerequisite for Peace and Security by Sheetal