Call for Papers – National Seminar on “Globalization, Multiculturalism and Peace-building”

Call for Papers – National Seminar on “Globalization, Multiculturalism and Peace-building”

Call for Papers

A Two-day National Seminar on

“Globalization, Multiculturalism and Peace-building

in the 21st Century: Prospects and Challenges”

New Delhi, 19 – 20 April 2014





Jointly organized by

Indialogue Foundation

Interfaith Foundation India

Centre for Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University


Concept Note

People are generally frightened at the idea of “Clash of Civilizations”, growing phobia towards others, accompanied by prejudice and lack of understanding of other’s faith and cultural values. At the same time, hi-tech communication technologies have helped the hate-mongers to spread chaos, enmity and hatred through disinformation, misinformation and false propagandas. Today, even a small occurrence in any part of the world affects the entire globe. However, we are not immune to events which are happening in other continents. In this respect, peace-building initiatives, interfaith dialogue, culture education and awareness programs are imperative in the contemporary society. Many nations have realized that “multiculturalism” is a sterling value, which citizens should imbibe in their daily life. The nations should launch extensive programs to spread these universal values.

It is a human nature to get frightened at the idea of a strange thing. When anybody hears a strange noise while walking in a dark street, his first reaction is one of fear. But after finding that the noise was caused by an innocent small kitten, his reaction converts into love, care and sympathy. It is so imperative to study and promote intercultural values, interfaith dialogue and peace-building initiatives to lay the foundation for peaceful coexistence, harmony and brotherhood.

In this regard, the Indialogue Foundation and Interfaith Foundation India invite eminent academics, research scholars, research fellows and peace activists to send their Abstracts/Papers to be presented at the Seminar. The same will be published and distributed at the Seminar. An abstract should consist of 300 words and full paper between 6 to 10 pages to be sent by the following dates to the Secretary of the Seminar:

•           Last date for acceptance of abstracts: 10th March 2014

•           Last date for confirmation of shortlisted abstracts: 15th March 2014

•           Last date for acceptance of full paper: 5th April 2014

The Seminar is of interdisciplinary nature and the contributors are welcome to look at the sub-themes and other topics conforming to the parameters of the main theme of the Seminar. Stated below are some sub-themes:

•           Globalization, Peace and Development

•           Multiculturalism and Nation-building

•           Pluralism and Secularism in Globalized World

•           Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue towards a Harmonious Society

•           Culture of Coexistence: Role of Education

•           Role of Education in Peace-building Efforts

•           Freedom of Speech in a Multicultural Society

•           Social, Ethnic and Religious Polarizations and Threats

•           Philanthropy as a means of Peace-building

•           Sustainable Development and Peace-building

•           Religious, Linguistic and Ethnic Identity and Human Rights

•           Role of Civil Society in Peace-building

•           Prejudice, “Otherness” and Dialogue

•           Any other topic related to the main theme of the Seminar


Conveyance: The organizers will provide Accommodation and Transport facility (Second AC Train) for speakers coming from outside New Delhi. A token honorarium of Rs. 2500/- (two thousand five hundred only) will be paid to a paper presenter. For enquiries regarding arrangements, please contact the Secretary of the Seminar.



First Day – Convention Centre, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Second Day – Seminar Hall, Indialogue Centre, M-207 Greater Kailash II, New Delhi 110048.


Convener of the Seminar:

Prof. M. M. Verma

President, Interfaith Foundation India

M: 09818753534



Joint Coordinator of the Seminar:

Dr. Arshad Alam

Assistant Professor, Centre for Study of Social Systems

Jawaharlal Nehru University

M: 09968200945



Joint Coordinator & Secretary of the Seminar:

Mr. Nurdin Kaparov

Director Delhi Office, Indialogue Foundation

M: 09866556021