Lecture on “Turkey-EU Relations”

Lecture on “Turkey-EU Relations”

treuWe kindly invite for a Lecture (Presentation) on “Turkey-EU Relations” by Dr. Abdul Quayum, Professor of Political Sciences, MANUU on Saturday, 10th December 2011 at Indialogue Centre, Aziz Villa, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills at 16:30 pm.

About Topic: Turkey tried to fulfill the EU membership requirements with 8 reform packages and 218 articles of 53 different laws have been amended. With the adoption of 2010 Constitutional amendments, independence and impartiality of the Judiciary in the country has been ensured. Still the Turkey’s dream of getting full EU membership is a distant dream. The 27 members club is skeptic to give full membership status to Turkey on one or the other pretext. In September, 2010 the EU Enlargement Commission welcomed the positive outcome of Turkey’s referendum on the Constitutional reform package. But on the other hand the Commission insisted for changes in the area of Fundamental Rights. The skepticism and fear of EU is that once Turkey becomes the full fledged EU member mass migration of people from Turkey to EU countries will take place. This fear is not realistic but also practically unsound given the strong 641 billion dollar GDP economy of the country. Turkey with 76.8 million population, 99% of whom are Sunni Muslims, the EU may not be comfortable with Turkey. The accession of Turkey with EU culturally integrates the two religious groups of the world Islam and Christianity, and will foster friendship and co-operation among the countries of these two religions. The current ongoing financial crisis in Euro zone may not be favoring as years back but the EU process enabled to revolutionize national policies for betterment of Turkish society.

About speaker: Dr. Abdul Quayum is Associate Professor and Head of Department of Political Science and Public Administration in Maulana Azad National Urdu University. He is a writer and author of dozen of books in Urdu namely ‘Bainul-Aqwami Talluqath’, ‘Hindustanki Hukumat Aur Siyasat’, ‘Siyasi Phalsapha’, ‘Nazam-O-Nasqe-Amma’, ‘Awami Policy’, etc. He has also translated many books to Urdu for the use in academic studies. Same time he is regular contributor in the Siasat Daily’s Sunday supplementary issue.


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