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Indialogue Photography Contest

Indialogue Photography Contest

IPContest Poster 2The Indialogue Foundation

Photography Contest: Peace at the Frame 

Subject: “Peace at the Frame”

We would like to draw your attention one more time to the photography contest, ‘Peace at the Frame’, organised by Indialogue Foundation. The contest invites participation from everybody who can creatively capture or frame ‘Peace’ in Pictures. We believe this contest is important in order to understand the existence and lack of Peace and its importance in our lives.


Conditions of Participation:

1-   The contest is open to all photographers in Hyderabad,’ Amateur or Professional. Banned people by TFSF are not allowed to participate in the contest.

2-   Each participant can join the contest with an upper limit of 4 colored or/and black and white photographs. Photos should be sent to

3-   Photos that are totally created or edited by computer software and visions with no photographic contents will not be accepted.

4-   Negative and dispositive photos should be scanned into digital settings.

5-   Photos should be in ‘JPEG’ format with short side 2300 pixel and 300 dpi solutions and recorded 10 qualifications.

6-   Participating in the contest is free of charge.

7-   Photos to take place in the contest should be sent to the institution before deadline. Pieces, which reach after deadline will not be evaluated. Indialogue Foundation will not be responsible for any possible delay in delivering the photos late. 

8-   Contest participants are to choose an alias of 5 digits for themselves. While naming their photos they should clarify order number after alias. Participants should embed their e-mails with text documents containing their communication data. (e.g.: 12345-01)

9- Photos that are selected for cash award and for exhibition at the end of jury evaluation will be announced to the participants by e-mail . Additionally they will be announced in


Contest Secretariat:

Name-Surname       : Osman Kayaoglu

Tel no                     : +91 4023371295, +91 7702182006

E-mail                     :

Upload address       :


Contest calendar:

Deadline of application for contest:          10 February 2014

Selection Committee Evaluation:             13 February 2014

Date of Results:                                     15 February 2014

Exhibition and Award Ceremony:             22 February 2014



Hyderabad competition:

1- Twenty (20) winners will be selected by jury board in Hyderabad on 13 February 2014.

2- An exhibition will be held at Indialogue Centre or in any attractive place showcasing the top twenty (20) photographs on 22 February 2014.

3- The top twenty (20) photographs will be awarded prize money 50 $ at the exhibition hall.

4- The top twenty photographs from Hyderabad will be sent to Istanbul for the world competition.  Esteemed juries select the grand prize winners from the photographs sent by Indialogue Foundation all over the world.

World Competition:

1- I. International Photography Contest: ‘Peace at the Frame’ will be held in Istanbul, TURKEY.  

2- Photos that are awarded and worth to exhibit will be collected in a CD catalogue. They are going to be posted to every participant’s addresses by post. Indialogue Foundation will not be responsible for any loss or damage possibly occurs during mail.

Final Exhibition and Award Ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey:

21 March 2014 (Newroz Festival, Day of Challenge against Race Discrimination)



Winner                                                       FIAP Gold medal (1000 $)

Second                                                       FIAP Silver medal (750$)

Third                                                          FIAP Bronze medal (500$)

Mansions                                                   6 FIAP Mansions (100$)


Winner                                                        UPI Gold medal (1000$) 

Second                                                        UPI Silver medal (750$)

Third                                                           UPI Bronze medal (500$)

Mansions                                                     6 UPI Mansions (100$)


Jury’s special award (500 $)


21 exhibitions (50 $)


A copy of photos that are awarded or are worth to exhibit will be kept in the archives of Indialogue Foundation. When necessary, they will be used at own publications, naming the owner and no pay will be charged.

TFSF Patronage no      : 2013/66

FIAP   Patronage no     : 2014/032

UPI     Patronage no    : L130070