“Noble face of Islam” By Swami Shantamananda

Swami Shantatmananda shares his experience of the Islamic spirit of service during his recent visit to Turkey Kimse Yok Mu? — “Is anyone there?” — the cry rent the air when a disastrous earthquake struck Turkey in 1999. An estimated 50,000-plus people died. A large number of people caught beneath the debris shouted in anguish: […]

Testimonial – Izmir Connects Kolkata

Dear Mr. Mustafa Demir,  Director Kolkata Office, Indialogue Foundation, Turkish Cultural Centre,  II Floor  2-B, 33 Shakspear Sarani, Kolkata  700017.   Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to display my creation. Sir, I am obliged to you for being very supportive and co-operative with me regarding my display. As you know nothing […]
Hizmat Movement: A modern miracle!

Hizmat Movement: A modern miracle!

Fr. Thomas V Kunnunkal SJ, the President of Islamic Studies Association, was recently invited to go to Turkey to meet the members of the Hizmat (Gülen) Movement. Here he shares his experiences during this visit:  I must say that I was very happily surprised by all that is connected to the Hizmat or Gülen Movement. […]

Travelogue by Dr. Vithal Rao at Arya Jivan

Date: 30th June, 2010 Place: Hyderabad

Travelogue by Mr. Abid Abdul Wasay at The Munsif Daily

   Date: 6th June, 2010 Place: Hyderabad

Travelogue by Dr. E. Sathyaprakash

  Date: 1st June, 2010 Place: Hyderabad

Travelogue from Interfaith and Intercultural Trip to Turkey 2008

Hyderabad has close cultural and historic ties with Turkey and I always wanted to visit it. So when the trip was being planned with Indialogue Foundation I was very keen as I have lived in Arab countries and Iran, but my experience of the Middle East was incomplete because I had never visited Turkey. When […]

Testimonial by Rev. Fr. Dana Raju

“Indialogue”, organized by some friends from Turkey and India, has been zealously promoting events and talks to bring about understanding, harmony and peace among various communities and groups in our city (Hyderabad), since about three years. I have had the privilege of attending many such talks and functions, including a seminar in the Osmania University […]