Testimonial by Rev. Fr. Dana Raju

Testimonial by Rev. Fr. Dana Raju

Fr. Danaraju“Indialogue”, organized by some friends from Turkey and India, has been zealously promoting events and talks to bring about understanding, harmony and peace among various communities and groups in our city (Hyderabad), since about three years. I have had the privilege of attending many such talks and functions, including a seminar in the Osmania University campus, commemorating the 8th century of the birth of the great Sufi saint, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, to bring our from his writings, his contribution to world peace and harmony in different aspects of our multicultural world. Many eminent scholars shared their views and appreciations of that great Sufi saint through their essays and discussions in that seminar; there were judges, lawyers, professors, religious leaders and businessmen; among them Justice Sardar Ali Khan Former Chairman, National Commission for Minorities, Swami Srikantananda Director, Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Mr. Nanak Singh Nishtar Director, International Sikh Centre for Interfaith Relations and Ven. Bhikku Vinayarakkhita from Ananda Buddha Vihara Trust. All those who attended that seminar appreciated the efforts and trouble taken by “Indialogue” to make that seminar memorable.

Another great function that is unforgettable is the one that was organized in the Taramati Baradari: a dance by the Sufi saints from Turkey, patronized by the deputy mayor of the original city of the Sufis, Konya. His presence added additional glory to the function. That Sufi dance, music and the explanatory talk made us to look back to our Indian devotional music and dance in our religious places. It was soul stirring and evoked in us admiration for the natural harmony, unspoilt, human and universal in different cultures. That is an unforgettable event for life for me.

The inauguration of their new office premises in Banjara Hills and Ramazan Dinner too was a magnificent function, with generous hospitality, love and care. There was also a grand festive Interfaith Lunch, in a hotel in Toli Chowki, managed by the Turks, also perhaps, members of the “Indialogue”. The elite of our city was well represented there too.

On the whole, I can say, the members and the devoted organizers of the “Indialogue” have proved themselves as generous, dedicated, sincere and meticulous workers for “Peace and Harmony”, open to learn from others for better understanding.

I can remember some names of these beautiful “Indialogue” members, who were regularly personally coming to meet me or to invite me for their dialogues and functions: Mr. Necati Yesilyurt, Prof. Purushotham Reddy, Mr. Sadi Sen, Mr. Mehmet Ali Vural, Mr. Yasin Yakut and Mr. Nurdin Kaparov. I am very grateful to them all and wish them total success in their endeavors. I wonder why other national cultures cannot emulate them in awaking the original, universal and noble humanity in all of us to make the world a more beautiful and peaceful planet for all of us!


Rev. Fr. Dana Raju
1st November 2008