Testimonial – Izmir Connects Kolkata

Testimonial – Izmir Connects Kolkata

Dear Mr. Mustafa Demir, 

Director Kolkata Office,

Indialogue Foundation,

Turkish Cultural Centre, 

II Floor  2-B, 33 Shakspear Sarani,

Kolkata  700017.


Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to display my creation. Sir, I am obliged to you for being very supportive and co-operative with me regarding my display. As you know nothing in my mind was planned but every morning i woke with a wonderful thought and simply worked accordingly.

This made me hunt all my past Souvenirs, Catalogues, Certificates and also my elder sons Chandraneev Das, document which referred to his invitation for Disaster Management in Burso during 2010. It was he who shared my Catalogue with Seba ,an artist who later in 2013 invited me to participate in Izmir International Biennial.

Sir, I am really fortunate that your Prestigious organization, Indialogue Foundation gave me the platform to show case all my precious wealth.

Thank you, once again, to give me such a wonderful feeling of experiencing a peaceful state of mind within the environment of your office at 33 Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata.

Thanking you,

With warm regards


Babita Das


26th September, 2013