“Soul to soul”

“Soul to soul”

“Soul to soul”

In Hyderabad, the Turkish Sufi group  talk about the unexpected and beautiful events that happen while listening to their music
How can one explain unexpected and beautiful events which happen without a plan? One feels blessed and the heart sings in joy and connects positively with other fellow beings. In other words, one is experiencing a ‘zuhurat’ moment. Turkish Sufi leader experienced one such ‘zuhurat’ moment when he met Bekir Sahin Baloglu unexpectedly at an event. “As we started talking, we realised we have many things in common: same friends, issues and reaching out to the divine through music,” he remembers sitting in the office of Indialogue Foundation, the Turkish centre in the city. The duo formed the sufi  group and have been spreading music and connecting hearts across the globe. The specialty of the group is that there are only two permanent members and the other members join, play music and leave for other new members to join and experience their special moments.

While a group of three play the instruments and sing Sufi songs, others perform whirling dervishes with Sufi music. The group will perform as part of the Indo-Turkish Culture and Food Festival 2015.

Sufi Dance group leader says the members play different kinds of music which comes from the heart. “One plays traditional Turkish art music, Turkish folk or Sufi music. The aim is not to play any particular kind of music. Our objective is to gather people, connect one heart to the other and reach out to the divine. When we connect with each other positively, we understand each other better,” he points out. The audience soaks in the experience and understanding the Turkish words in their songs is never an issue. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that this group has visited 20 countries with numerous performances all over! “Music is a universal language. One does not need words to experience an emotion. During our performances, people experience different kinds of feelings. They think about god, their mistakes, their good deeds and are overwhelmed with emotions. One needs to experience the atmosphere of Sufi music,” he says and adds with a smile, “This is our third visit to Hyderabad. If we were not good, we would not have come again.”

With different musicians in the group, it is not difficult to find the synergy. “Our different moods are not an obstacle as our hearts are together.” Talking about Hyderabad, He jokes, “People are warm and the weather is also warm here. “While in Hyderabad, he visited the Charminar and a few dargahs . “People are very sincere and spiritual too,” he says.

There have many memorable and unexpected incidents experienced by Sufi group leader and he shares two such events. “During the South Africa tour, the pilot of Turkish airlines who met us during a dinner called me to come to the cockpit. I was playing in the chamber flying at 35,000 feet looking at the full moon. We continued to play the music.” Sharing another incident, he says, “Last year when we performed in Delhi, there was an opportunity to take a picture along with the Dalai Lama. Unknowingly I put my hand on the Dalai Lama but the security personnel immediately asked me remove the hand,” he says with a smile.

The Indo-Turkish food and cultural extravaganza is at Taramati Baradari today from 6.30 p.m. and is open for all.

Source: The Hindu (newspaper)